Researching, Planning, Confused – Oh My!

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Wow, determining WHERE in India to go is haaard!

Suddenly 7 weeks seem like a second and there’s no way I’m going to experience more than a fraction of what this amazing country has to offer. Luckily I really enjoy researching – it’s when it comes to actually chosing the problems start.

What was I thinking?! I need at least a year for this trip!

Btw I just realized today that I’m going to miss out of H.H Dalai Lama speaking in Dharamsala. Apparently he will do so on March 8th and that day I will have to fly out of Delhi, which means I should make sure to be there the day before, just in case of unforseen stuff.. So I will miss the lama by one day. Bummer. I guess I’m sticking to the original plan, in which the lama and I will coincidentally bump into each other. You know, just hanging out, no big deal.

<– Look, its India :)


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