Monkeys and Cows and Tourists..

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– and mountains and sunshine…

Rishikesh is beautiful. The Ganges river has an amazing turquoise color and on each side the mountains are rising all lush and inviting. I have accepted the invitation and so tomorrow I’m going to go explore.

When I got here yesterday, the rickshaw dropped me off at a hotel. It was a nice place and my room had the most amazing view. But I wasn’t really feeling it so I went around the area and found another place – I don’t really have a view but the location is great and I only pay 300 INR as opposed to the other place where I had to pay 800 INR.

I didn’t realize how touristy this place would be. It is. On one hand that’s nice because I don’t stand out as much but at the same time it really turns me off. White western people walking around in their hippie outfits saying namaste to everyone they meet. I mean, come on now.. Yesterday when I was sitting at this cafe with my chai and wonderful view and sun in my face and watching and listening and feeling and being – and this hippie guy comes and sits right in front of me, his hippie legs dangling over the edge of the wall. And then he pulls out a freakin’ guitar and starts to play and sing some improvised ‘hare rama’ song. Could it be more cliché? After 15 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore – “seriously, hippie dude – could you do me a favor and kill the worship, I’m trying to enjoy my life here”. Nah I didn’t, I just went and sat further away – letting him be whatever it is he’s trying to be..

I guess I need to embrace my inner hippie in a whole new way..

The monkeys are cute.. If you leave fruit or cookies out on your table, they will come and snatch it away. The bigger ones will pull it out of your hands – that’s less cute.

Cows are all over of course. Nothing much to say about them, they mind their own business. I have little chats with them about life and love – out of the three, the cows are the easiest to deal with :)

2 thoughts on “Monkeys and Cows and Tourists..

    gitte ziwes said:
    January 27, 2012 at 11:58 pm

    You really shoould never do anything but travel and tell … don’t ever tell Karin I said that!
    I so much enjoy ‘being with you’ – and it’s easy. You’re so observant – and such an excellent painter with words!

    Hugs – lots of them!



      Charlotte said:
      January 31, 2012 at 6:50 am

      I think I would be okay with that – travelling and writing :)


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