A Little Luxury

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When travelling, laundry is done in the bathroom zink or in a bucket. It works pretty well, your clothes get somewhat clean and if you only wash a couple of items at a time, usually it’s possible to have it hanging on the balcony or on the window frame to dry.

After a while, though, it does get a bit annoying to always have to think ahead and make sure to have less stinky stuff to wear the next day..

And then suddenly you find yourself in a hotel of a higher standard. Your bed is both soft and clean and you get extra blankets. The hot water is actually hot – at least for a while. And they offer laundry service!

So yesterday I gave them a stack of my clothes. Not a big one, there was only 9 items but still it would have taken me a while to wash them and hang them – and then I would also have to look at them while they dried. Instead I turned in my laundry in the morning when I was on my way out, then went through my whole day and by evening I could pick up the clean and folded clothes in the reception. It cost me 184 rupees which is about 20 kroner – you almost can’t afford not to do it.

So today I’m wearing clean clothes and it does brighten up my world considerably.


3 thoughts on “A Little Luxury

    Miss e said:
    February 10, 2012 at 6:52 am

    You’ve been actively on my mind now for some weeks now and this morning there were ‘a quiet’/’a stillness’ in my world enabling me to access the realityinprogress :-)
    SO nice to hear from you :-D
    I’m reading thru the posts cronologically – what a treat to me and what a process you exercise!
    I so enjoy your wording, – LA/Hawaiian wording? – easily understood, but inspiringly unfamiliar. And your laid-back recourse of events, LMAO on ‘What a journey’ – and I’m thinking, that it’s good you enjoy the resources of youth still :-D
    A good laugh reading this :-) (Moneys and cows and tourists)
    Did you know that guru somehow means ‘your guide from darkness to light’? I think gu is darkness and ru is light. – And who is my guru? If any, – Martinus! – about this guru experience of yours, – and your puzzle on how this could be of any devotional worthy and genuine interest to anyone – aren’t the pour souls not just some courses behind you?
    Got to the end of your ongoing story for now – where are you situated after you left Varanasi?
    Reading thru all the India posts, it’s apparent to see how you’re now have ‘landed in India’ after some weeks there, and from you descriptions it seems that you’re not as much on the line yourself any more, it’s as if you’ve located yourself energetically in this other world and is now the spectator!? How does the process seem inside of you?
    Back in DK we have records of cold – and I enjoy the heat and fire of my new oven, and the neatness of the snow – miraculous! And my tiny daughter is catching up on my height by the minute and have probably reached my 178 cms before you’re back again! I must say…
    Love from DK and thanx for sharing the ride <3


    Alenka said:
    February 10, 2012 at 7:06 am

    Hi hi! :-) It’s do wonderful to read your lines. I just woke up and the first thing I did is reading your blog ;-) I LOVE your words, your journey, your attitude, you…


    Charlotte said:
    February 11, 2012 at 4:57 am

    You two wonderful women, how I love your comments as well as the fact that you are commenting!
    Travelling alone definitely has it’s good sides and my process is both exciting – and I think important. But feeling the emotional support from the people that I love is what’s keeping me going when it all gets a little rough.
    Further more, I miss girl time! Beside a few and short meetings with other women, I’ve been hanging out with men – and I love men but it’s still different and for a while now I’ve been craving female company. I never knew that could be such a big deal.
    Thanks for making me feel less alone – or beeing alone feeling less difficult :) And miss Elise, you will get a full report when I reach my next destination!
    Love, C..


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