Through the Eyes of Someone Else

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Too often we go through our day, not completely convinced that what we are doing is enough, too aware of our own inadequacy.

Too often we let ourselves – and each other – know, that we are not entirely satisfied, that we are the cause of disappointment, the source of frustration.

We strive to do better and be better and we gradually create a person and a life to be proud of. But every time we listen to that voice of disapproval, something is broken.

And then once in a while we see ourselves through the eyes of someone else. Someone who sees something pure and beautiful and perfect.

And if we are conscious enough to  notice the remarkable effect, maybe we can accept it as the truth.

And maybe we can try to remember the power we have to create something beautiful. Remember that every time we direct our attention towards each others positive qualities, we create happiness and we help rebuild what was torn down.

And maybe we can show ourselves just a little more compassion – because most of the time, we are doing pretty well.


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