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Perplexed Pondering

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So yesterday I was at this party. Cool people, lots of dancing and lots and lots of Skinny Bitches. Great party – slightly hung over today.

Anyway, so at some point I’m talking with this group of people, the subject being politics. They are discussing the different parties and especially one guy is very opinionated about who he supports and what he thinks about the opponents. Now, I do keep up with the major stuff and I always make sure to vote but I’m honestly not that into politics. I’m very much into what’s going on in the world and I’m equally into trying to make it better but to think that politics as a system will make anything better doesn’t make much sense to me. In my opinion it is an antiquated pseudo crutch and I look forward to the day where we are able to guide ourselves from a higher consciousness rather than be guided by a cacophony of hidden motives. Maybe it is important here to point out that I do believe plenty of people enter politics with the best of intentions – but I also believe that once in there, the individual is swallowed up and will end up playing the same game as everyone else. It is simple sociological system theory. Whatever, this will all be in my manifesto – moving on.

So, just when I decide that I’ve had enough of intellectual fun, someone asks me my opinion and I laugh and answer without really thinking about it “oh sorry I guess I’m kind of an anarchist – I really don’t believe in politics“. This is where it gets weird.

The very opinionated guy elegantly slides one step to the left and is now right next to me; “you know what, that is exactly how I feel as well.”

Me; “really?

Guy; “definitely. You see, I have this *a long speech about a very important job in the media* and so obviously I have to stay objective but deep down… *something about something*.”

Me; “obviously.”

I really don’t get the concept of changing his opinion so drastically. How are you supposed to know which opinion is the truth? Does he know which one? Is there even one or is he a walking cloud of lingering opinions ready to manifest into a perfect fit for every situation? Does it spring from insecurity? From opportunism. Is it pathological? Confusing and ridiculous is what it is.

This guy was actually really nice and didn’t seem deceitful at all – plus I’m pretty sure he was gay so no sex motives either.

So there must be some other reason.. Is it simply a question of making a connection and less important if it is made by pretending?

I mean, sure we all change how we feel about things as we expand our horizon but there must be some kind of chore that only changes gradually..? How do we (and by we I mean people who do this) ever expect to be taken seriously if we (they) can’t even be somewhat consistent?

Will anyone admit to doing this – and for other reasons than just trying to impress and/or get laid…?

Let me know if any of you know the secret to this weird phenomenon – it is too complex for me on this hung over Saturday.


Flash Fiction – Wasted Time

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A few days ago I was given a challenge by the amazingly talented Moses to write Flash Fiction. I have never done so before, which of course is the perfect reason to accept anything really.

This is our first one but I have a feeling there will be others and so I invite anyone reading this to join in the fun.

I must say, this has really been a challenge and I definitely feel like a beginner. But it has also been so much fun and I’m excited to dive deeper into this newfound universe of writing.

So, to the writing.


Flash Fiction

Topic – Wasted Time

Word count – 120

Mood – Raw Emotion

Genre – Realistic Fiction

A surreal desperation is echoing a scream inside him. All this time he had thought that he was on the way to something great. A dream he never created, justified procrastination. A lie.

He closes his eyes, overwhelmed with a sudden nausea, the scream threatening to blow his entire body to pieces. Now he is stuck in this mediocrity. Middle aged and alone. With a memory of how it could have been. How it should have been. How it never will be again.

He picks up the article. ”How can you be dead?” he whispers to the picture of her face. The scream reaches his lips and his whole world is an icy explosion. Frozen ashes of a life wasted.


Feel very free to comment, it would be great to get some critique :)

And also, go check out the other entries here, I’m very excited to read them myself!

And last, do join in!!

Ode On Myself

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The usual ego blabber aside (no one likes ego blabber, except maybe, and that’s a big maybe, the person blabbering and even then, a moment of clarity will provide the blabber hangover at a later and more enlightened time). That was a really long parentheses, I should start over.

As I was saying, the usual ego blabber aside, I really think we should be better at acknowledging our own qualities. Most people I come into contact with, have huge talent in pointing out what they are not good at, shamelessly undermining their own value. Honestly, it is such a turn off. Unless it is true, in which case, it is good that they are aware themselves. Knowing yourself is hot.

Last night I watched the movie Julie&Julia. I liked it, it had a nice little story but that is not really important in this context. What I’m getting at is that the main character is starting a blog and at some point the statement is made that blogging is all about you. Or something like that. The underlying judgement of that remark being pointed towards the self-worshipping as well as self-therapeutic aspects of blogging but that is not really important in this context, either. Just keep it in mind.

Today when I got off work (I worked an exhausting 2½ hours out of which I spent one hour sitting in the sun with a cup of tangerine tea, scribbling down thoughts too big to stay in my head. Life is hard.). Anyway, when I finally got off work, I decided to walk along the ocean in the beautiful weather and while walking there, thoughts of all sorts appeared and disappeared again. It is kind of fascinating how that works; we get a thought, which then leads us to another one, which then again takes us in a completely different direction and within just one minute the mental ground covered can be quite impressive. So I was walking, watching my thoughts as they drifted by and suddenly found myself in deep philosophical contemplation, the subject, very appropriately, being myself and my qualities.

You see, I’m really good at walking. I have a great walk. On more than one occasion it has been pointed out to me by others that my walk is pretty awesome and I’m very satisfied with it myself. Not only are my legs able to move in a well-balanced 1-2-1 choreography, they actually manage to hold the rest of my body up while doing so. Off course, I have had many years to practice and perfect my walk but I honestly believe that there must have been some innate talent bursting through all on its own. Some things you just can’t force. Also, I really love walking. I can walk for hours. I’m not sure what came first; maybe I loved walking and that naturally helped develop what today is recognized as a spectacular talent. Or maybe I realized just how amazing my walk is and then came to love it that much more than before my realisation. Who can tell, really?

The whole thing, being conscious of the importance of acknowledging your own talent, once again being reminded of my walking skills, put together with the remark about blogging being all about you – how could I not post this?

Sure, I have other skills but there will be other posts as well so starting with the basics and then we will go from there.

I guess all I really wanted to point out is that we all have talents and instead of showing off our own misunderstood humility, we should be proud of whatever we have to be proud of. Unless there is nothing to be proud of, then maybe we should just keep quiet.


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black, heavy, noisy

suffocating from the inside

creating crazy

pick up your pen

words carry pieces of pain

each word breathes deeper

every sentence flies lighter

empty, silent, calm

put down your pen


Listening To The Silence

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I wake up in an echo of something beautiful.

something that is gone.

something that I miss.

and it hurts

I go to the ocean

yesterday a freedom

today an escape

I close my eyes

and I listen

past the seagulls

through the waves

to the silence inside

and I am

and I listen to the silence.

A Sunday Haiku Showdown

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First of all, allow me to present the participants:






It all started with…


“from the love I have

through the pain I will embrace

to the life I want”


And then continued with…



i love this poem

it is so very clever

please write another


my body was weak

replying was put on hold

i had to get food


i understand you

we all need some nourishment

it was worth the wait


happily admit

this poetry geekery

is making me laugh


it makes me laugh too

poetry can be such fun

and good for the soul


who would have known that

until experiencing

expression in short


i think we should try

to post this conversation

on both of our blogs


i say let’s do it

post this haiku nerdery

i just wonder how


i find it a thrill

to squeeze my words so tightly

into such a form


i really agree

maybe the future will be

one-word poetry


i like that idea

let me have a go at it

here is my word – poem


truely love your word

for me another one though

‘love’ my word will be


your word is so sweet

and i find myself thinking

our words are the same


maybe all words are

same reflection of a truth

we find in all hearts


i think you are right

and very clever, that is

when shall we publish?


let’s do it right now

we’ll each make a version and

publish when ready


i was just about

to say exactly the same

what shall we call it?


hmm i’m not sure yet

maybe Haiku Geekery

or what do you think?


i have to cook now

but i am coming right back

what fun this has been


go eat without stress

i’m just working out the form

playing with design


I’m ready to post

A Sunday Haiku Showdown

you like the title?


i like it a lot

a sunday haiku showdown

ready when you are


okay let’s go then

put this boat in the ocean

*that was really lame*


I’ve never done a Haiku before and then suddenly one was there, coming from I don’t know where. But seriously, how awesome is Haiku?!

I just had so much fun :D


And do go and check out Kyle’s amazing version of our WP synergy on – you will not be disapointed.

Btw here is the original version (or just scroll down) – somehow the conversation order tweaked a bit, though.. Ah well..



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from the love I have

through the pain I will embrace

to the life I want

Never Mind

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i’m sorry

i didn’t mean to disturb

it was really nothing

just a thought

it doesn’t matter


nothing original

probably irrelevant

definitely waste of time

just a feeling

not important

i’m sorry i disturbed you

i’ll be quiet now

never mind


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I started this blog purely for self-absorbed and self-entertaining reasons – and then somehow it turned into so much more than that, a source of all good things.

One of these good things, or should I say amazingly talented and original people out there, nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award (tempted to do a Sally Field – may or may not already have done one in the bathroom mirror).

Seriously, if you haven’t already, then go check out his awesome blog, I’m Not Lost, Just Weird. You wonderfully wise weirdo, thank you!!!



So to the rules…

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link.

– CHECK! Well, you really can’t express gratitude too often so THANK YOU ;)

2. Nominate seven other bloggers for this prestigious award.

This is the best part but also the hardest. Do you have any idea how many mind-blowing blogs are out there?! Let me just reveal, many!

  • Island Girl because she shares her beautiful part of the world in such a way that makes me want to join her.
  • Mooselicker because his writing is full of understated humour and intelligence and simply awesome.
  • Obsessions because her writing resonates with me and her spirit inspires me.
  • because his writing is making me blush – most of the time at least. And Kyle, I know you just got this award recently but it’s my prerogative to give it to you again. So there.
  • Ink because this blog has got a quality to it that I haven’t yet been able to fully describe – but it feels like magic and it transports me to a very special place.
  • Gen Y Girl because she’s here and she’s the future and she’s got some thoughts that should be heard.
  • Things Could Be Worse because I can’t just keep re-blogging all his cool stuff.

3. List seven things that your readers might find interesting.

Huh?? Like what I may or may not do in front of my bathroom mirror..? Pff.

  1. I’m a floater. I love to float. I swim out to where I no longer see or hear the beach and then.. I float. Just the ocean, me and the sky – it’s pretty amazing.
  2. I hate routine. Like, I really hate it. Just the fact that I have to eat, poop and sleep every day is challenging to deal with.
  3. I live in what is supposedly one of the happiest and most privileged countries in the world – and yet, I’ve never really felt at home here.
  4. When I think about that, at least in this life, I’m pretty much stuck on this planet, I get a little claustrophobic. I don’t know if you noticed, this is a very small planet.
  5. I’m perfectly content with communicating using only sounds. I love words but often they’re not that necessary.
  6. My favorite book forever and ever is The Little Prince. Magical.
  7. When asked “either… or..?” I will always answer “both”.


That’s it, this was fun :D

Dancing Through Chaos

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I missed it

so I called out

I needed it

so I went looking

when I found it

I felt complete

when I found it

I opened the door

and it took over

pouring into me

filling up

spilling over

making everything around me grow

making me dance through the chaos

Not Interested

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Don’t make those kissy lips at me.

I’m not interested.

I’m sure they can be soft when needed

I’m sure they can be rough when wanted.

I’m sure someone else would like them.

I’m just not interested.


Please don’t talk either.