Day: March 14, 2012

The Power of People

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This could have been a post about how powerful we are as voters and consumers. How we have the power to put pressure on governments, correct injustices and dictate higher ethics. How we must never forget this power and how we should step up our game. Because we are and we do and we really should.

However, it’s about meeting people.

In our very small and very globalized world, we are constantly interacting with all different kinds of people in all different kinds of situations. Sometimes it’s a challenge, often it’s enriching and if we’re lucky, rarely it sucks. No matter what, the potential influence we have on each others lives, is significant.

Some people kind of sneak up on us and it can take years before we realize the effect they have had on our lives. Others almost instantaneously brings huge inspiration and our reality is forever changed.

The way I see it, we can either approach the whole thing as a matter of pure coincidence – or we can acknowledge each person we meet as a valuable teacher. A teacher who have the power to provoke or inspire us and potentially expand our horizon and change our perspective – continuously fine tuning how we meet the world. And most importantly of all, a teacher whom we need to work together with in order to get as much from the situation as we possibly can. If we just sit back and wait for the epiphany to hit us, it really won’t be the same.

When I think of all the people who have passed through my life, some just as a brief visit and others on a more long-term basis, I feel so lucky. Their influence on my life has been enormous and I see each and every one of them as beautiful blessings.

All around the world, these people are shining stars, lighting up the planet with their uniqueness and my heart is full of love for all of them.

… Obviously some more than others but still…