Day: March 16, 2012

Closing A Door

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They say that in order to open up a new door, you need to close a door.

Not until the door behind you is completely closed can you completely open the one in front of you. You end up with a bunch of half-open, half-closed doors and your mobility becomes quite challenged trying to squeeze back and forth through all these doors.

I’m not sure who thought up this very wise advice but I guess the meaning is that if you want to move forward, you need to say goodbye to something – or someone.

And it does makes sense. The effect of making a decision and fully commit to something is powerful and will obviously have an impact on everything else. The power of intention.

On the other hand, I really don’t like closed doors – but maybe that objection is more directed towards the analogy than the actual subject, because I do like moving forward.

So let’s say we accept this door thing as perfectly valid. And let’s say we find ourselves in front of not just one but many doors. Can we only open one at the time? And then, how do we know which one to open? They may all seem very… openable.

And maybe we have more than one open door behind us. Do we have to close all of them at once? Or only the one we just walked through? And is it really enough to just close it or should we lock it as well? Build a new fireplace where the door used to be?

Or better yet, if we have a lot of open doors maybe it would be less of a hassle if we just get a new house. Easy breezy..

Personally, I would get a house with no doors.