Day: March 17, 2012

It’s Springtime!

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Not that I stuck around waiting for winter to be over but now I’m back and happy to announce that SPRING is also here!

From now on the days will get longer and it will get warmer and lighter and people will smile more and help each other and hold doors and wear more colors and remember that they actually love life.

The city will wake up and the parks will be full of blankets and beers and bbq and reading and playing and kissing and the ocean will be full of swimming and floating and sailing and the sky will be full of hot air balloons. Well, maybe except for the hot air balloons..

And there will be festivals and outdoor theater and adventure every day and we will all fall in love at least twice a week and stay up all night and go skinny dipping in the sunrise and plant flowers on the balcony and go running every morning and only eat fresh fruit and veggies.

Life will be outside; flowing, loving, dancing, exploring, laughing..

Today has been a little grey, though..