Day: March 19, 2012


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It’s Sunday and kind of late and I really should be in bed. Instead I’m sitting in front of my computer, telling myself that what I’m doing is important. Or at least not completely retarded. Whatever.

I just created a Tag Cloud. You know, the widget. Like I said, important. Not retarded.

It’s a process, going back and tagging old posts with whatever words seems fitting and it definitely would have been easier to just do it from the start. But I didn’t. Now the cloud is slowly forming and already I see a pattern. Like for example the word ‘life’ has been used a lot. But then again, you can tag ‘life’ on pretty much anything so I think that one is kind of unfair or should at least not count negative.

Anyway, I feel like my cloud is not versatile enough. Sure it has different words in it but somehow they all seem to belong to the somewhat same category. Or at least a neighboring category. Definitely same street category. If I didn’t know better, I would say that my cloud is a little narrow-minded.

So I’m going to fix that. The usual way of going about something like this Cloud Expansion Project would probably be to just post more versatile stuff. And I will. That doesn’t fix anything right now, though. And sometimes you need that feeling of accomplishment.

I could do a semi-faux brainstorm and that way get lots of words all in one post. I mean looking at it already I see loads of good tag words. New ones. Wow, who knew it would be this easy. I was expecting this to take forever. Okay let’s see, I could write about polar bears or prosthetic limbs or candyfloss. Except I shouldn’t tag prosthetic limbs because people who would search for that might be in a challenging situation as it is and probably don’t need me and my fake cloud to make it harder on them. Not tagging prosthetic limbs. I think polar bears and candyfloss are safe. And also kind of boring. This is stupid.

I should return to what I was doing before this brain fart; cleaning out my Facebook friend list.

If you only look at all the tag words, you would think that this is a very interesting post. There must be a lesson in there somewhere..