Day: March 20, 2012

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I’m completely in awe – this is pretty damn cool :)

Things Could Be Worse

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don’ are going to regret it.don’t do it.just don’t.don’t pick it up again.don’ wouldn’t change anything.nothing at would just be starting over know’s done.what’s the point in forcing yourself to take the same step over and over again?stop it.just think of something else.distract yourself.walk.write.sing.scream.anything.remember all the reasons.nothing has have come this would all have been for nothing.let it go.set it free.move forward.listen to need to listen now.this is doing you no want to live like this?trapped in a vision of how it could have been.when reality was so far from that.promises of potential never reached.why believe if you are the only one who does?why fight if what you are fighting for has disappeared?why torture yourself when you can be free?breathe and open your eyes.i’m here to help can do this.i believe in you.we are going to take a step forward now.i’m with you.just another step.i love you.