Day: March 29, 2012

Flash Fiction – Wasted Time

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A few days ago I was given a challenge by the amazingly talented Moses to write Flash Fiction. I have never done so before, which of course is the perfect reason to accept anything really.

This is our first one but I have a feeling there will be others and so I invite anyone reading this to join in the fun.

I must say, this has really been a challenge and I definitely feel like a beginner. But it has also been so much fun and I’m excited to dive deeper into this newfound universe of writing.

So, to the writing.


Flash Fiction

Topic – Wasted Time

Word count – 120

Mood – Raw Emotion

Genre – Realistic Fiction

A surreal desperation is echoing a scream inside him. All this time he had thought that he was on the way to something great. A dream he never created, justified procrastination. A lie.

He closes his eyes, overwhelmed with a sudden nausea, the scream threatening to blow his entire body to pieces. Now he is stuck in this mediocrity. Middle aged and alone. With a memory of how it could have been. How it should have been. How it never will be again.

He picks up the article. ”How can you be dead?” he whispers to the picture of her face. The scream reaches his lips and his whole world is an icy explosion. Frozen ashes of a life wasted.


Feel very free to comment, it would be great to get some critique :)

And also, go check out the other entries here, I’m very excited to read them myself!

And last, do join in!!