Perplexed Pondering

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So yesterday I was at this party. Cool people, lots of dancing and lots and lots of Skinny Bitches. Great party – slightly hung over today.

Anyway, so at some point I’m talking with this group of people, the subject being politics. They are discussing the different parties and especially one guy is very opinionated about who he supports and what he thinks about the opponents. Now, I do keep up with the major stuff and I always make sure to vote but I’m honestly not that into politics. I’m very much into what’s going on in the world and I’m equally into trying to make it better but to think that politics as a system will make anything better doesn’t make much sense to me. In my opinion it is an antiquated pseudo crutch and I look forward to the day where we are able to guide ourselves from a higher consciousness rather than be guided by a cacophony of hidden motives. Maybe it is important here to point out that I do believe plenty of people enter politics with the best of intentions – but I also believe that once in there, the individual is swallowed up and will end up playing the same game as everyone else. It is simple sociological system theory. Whatever, this will all be in my manifesto – moving on.

So, just when I decide that I’ve had enough of intellectual fun, someone asks me my opinion and I laugh and answer without really thinking about it “oh sorry I guess I’m kind of an anarchist – I really don’t believe in politics“. This is where it gets weird.

The very opinionated guy elegantly slides one step to the left and is now right next to me; “you know what, that is exactly how I feel as well.”

Me; “really?

Guy; “definitely. You see, I have this *a long speech about a very important job in the media* and so obviously I have to stay objective but deep down… *something about something*.”

Me; “obviously.”

I really don’t get the concept of changing his opinion so drastically. How are you supposed to know which opinion is the truth? Does he know which one? Is there even one or is he a walking cloud of lingering opinions ready to manifest into a perfect fit for every situation? Does it spring from insecurity? From opportunism. Is it pathological? Confusing and ridiculous is what it is.

This guy was actually really nice and didn’t seem deceitful at all – plus I’m pretty sure he was gay so no sex motives either.

So there must be some other reason.. Is it simply a question of making a connection and less important if it is made by pretending?

I mean, sure we all change how we feel about things as we expand our horizon but there must be some kind of chore that only changes gradually..? How do we (and by we I mean people who do this) ever expect to be taken seriously if we (they) can’t even be somewhat consistent?

Will anyone admit to doing this – and for other reasons than just trying to impress and/or get laid…?

Let me know if any of you know the secret to this weird phenomenon – it is too complex for me on this hung over Saturday.


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