Month: April 2012

Next Time

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my face will be intact

my heart will remain unbroken

my dreams will stay lucid

next time

Missing People

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Honestly, it is a little too much and I feel overwhelmed. For a while now, my life has been rearranging itself. I’m all for that and most of the time I feel incredibly grateful. I got a new job at a place I have been wanting to work at for a long time and in just a few weeks my apartment will be inhabited by only me, which is going to be another great improvement. Also, I’m going back to school for my Masters and looking forward to hopefully spending the winter floating around the Pacific. I have nothing at all to bitch about.

Still I feel sad.

The reason for that is that all this rearranging has swept through the relationships of my life as well. It is perfectly natural, I know that and would choose moving forward over life support any day. It can just be a little overwhelming when everything seems to happen at the same time. A couple of very important people are no longer in my life. They were important for different reasons just as they are now missing for different reasons. There has been no drama, no slamming doors – just a series of realizing that we seemed to have come to the end. I wish it could have been different, that we could have walked through life together just a little further but it became quite obvious that we probably couldn’t.

Until now, I have focused on trusting my path, trying to keep faith in that the bigger picture will reveal itself at some point. Following my heart, I know it is all good. I know that this too shall pass.

I just wish I didn’t feel so damn lonely.

It’s not like I’m literally all alone now, I have great friends and a wonderful family – but the solitude of this incarnation has become a little more noticeable.

I guess it’s an existential condition, maybe one day I will get used to it.

How To Create The Life You Want

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Creating the life you want is of course a process and not something that you can just plan and execute once and for all. However, the more aware you are of the direction you are heading in, the better chance of succeeding in your mission.

Over the decades more and more people have become familiar with the law of attraction – or one of the various versions of it – what you send out, you get back. Accepting this puts a great deal of power in your own hands; the power to form the life you want. Sure there will probably always be challenges and whatever is in your divine contract will still manifest one way or another, but once you realize exactly how much you can impact your reality, a whole new dimension of possibilities will open up to you. 

Now, when you want to accomplish this new and wonderful life, first of all you need to figure out what is important to you. Maybe you know exactly what you want or maybe you only have a vague idea, a confusing plethora of ego, other people’s values, leftover childhood dreams or society’s expectations. It is so very easy to get distracted, to be overwhelmed with all the choices and ultimately to lose track of what it really was you wanted. Step number one therefore could be to open a line of communication with your heart, your most inner desires. Enable yourself to tune out the noise and be guided by your own truth. One way to do this, and one that I find particularly effective, is to make your Vision Board. Lots of people have heard of this and may even have a pretty good idea about it but to my surprise it seems that very few people have actually done it. A Vision Board is your personal and creative expression of what you want in life – it is your first step towards manifesting your happiness, your Mission Statement. It can look anyway you want it to, there are no specific rules, no size or color requirements, no rights or wrongs. It is yours only.

  1. You start with getting some clarity. Look through magazines, image books, browse the web – anything imaginable – and whenever you feel inspired and find something that resonates with you, you cut/rip/print it out. No rules here, either; you can be as specific or abstract as you feel like – an image of a tree can mean just that, a tree, but maybe to you it means ‘growth’ or you associate it with a specific place or person. It is all good. This step can take a few hours or it can take weeks – my suggestion is to allow the process time because that way you will leave room for possible changes as you peel through the layers of desire.
  2. Now you have a pile of pictures and words and the next step will be to create some kind of collage. Maybe you like a simple design with no overlapping and a perfectly lined order or maybe an expressional chaos is more your thing. Yup, you guessed it, it is all good. As you move along designing, you might find that some of the words or pictures doesn’t ‘fit’ after all or it might become clear that you are missing an important word or image. I suggest you don’t glue anything yet, keep moving around and re-design until you find the balance.
  3. Suddenly you look at your creation and realize it is perfect. Now it is time to use the glue stick and then either frame it or hang it as it is. Hang it somewhere you will see it every day, not necessarily in the middle of your living room but somewhere visible. The reason is that every time you look at it – or even just semi-consciously become aware of it – it will remind you of your direction. From time to time, allow yourself to reconnect with it and feel the joy of moving towards all these wonderful things in life.

The power of a Vision Board lies in these three aspects working together; you recognize your dreams and just by focusing your intentions, you actually start making them happen – you are sending out exactly what you want back. Further more, you are reinforcing your thought process by giving it a physical expression, which you then integrate in your life as a constant reminder. Triple intention – how could this not have a remarkable effect on your life.


  The left vision board I made a few years ago – the right one I just finished.


I would say as a general advice, make sure to create positives. By that I mean, if you want less drama, don’t put the words ‘no drama’ or something similar – instead put the focus on the positive, like for an example ‘harmony’ or ‘honest relationships’. The same thing with health; instead of ‘no disease’ put ‘good health’ or ‘wellbeing’. Expect to get exactly what you are asking for and therefore make sure to ask accordingly with little or no chance of misunderstandings ;)

How often you renew your Vision Board is entirely up to you. We evolve and so does our values and desires – I’m sure you will be able to tell when you need an update. To me, every two or three years makes sense but I have heard others suggest five years – so whatever feels right to you. When it is time for an update, don’t recycle any words or pictures but make a completely fresh start.

This life is very short and there is no way we are going to have time to do everything we want, which is just the more reason to prioritize the truly important things. Sure, there will be a next life but my guess is that it will be just as full of amazing things to do as this one. So we might as well get cracking. Life is full of potential and we should do whatever we can to surround ourselves with things that makes us happy. In the larger scheme of things; start on your Bucket List – recognizing your bigger dreams will help you navigate through the smaller steps to get there. Earlier I did a short post about this and I really do believe in the profound effect of these manifestation tools.

Looking at my old Vision Board, it is astonishing how much of it has come true and I can’t wait to see how this new one is going to play out. 


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travelling up the spine

exploding from the crown

creating new stars in the universe

making reality sparkle

A Quick Fix

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of your salty serenity

and liquid laziness

even just a quickie

will fill my soul with bliss


Let The Sunshine In

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Something wonderful happened a few days ago – the freakishly cool and talented Robert nominated me for The Sunshine Award! How could he know that it all had been a little grey and that sunshine was just what my world needed.

Robert and Stephen has this really awesome blog, Two Gallants, and their writing is amazing! Go visit their universe immediately – I promise, it will enrich your life!

Robert, thank you so much for letting the sunshine reach my little blog, I’m so very grateful!!

And of course there are rules to be followed – no rules, no award apparently.. and I kind of really definitely want the award…

The Sunshine Award rules:

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  • Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers.
  • Link your nominees to this post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

So these are the questions I have to answer;

  1. Favorite color? All shades of green. I also love dark purple and at the moment I have a thing with red and orange colors. Okay all colors then – but mostly green.
  2. Favorite animal? Again, I want to say all animals but if I have to decide on only one, I guess it will be horses. Definitely something too big to accidentally sit on.
  3. Favorite number? Both 7 and 11 – depends on the situation.
  4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Champagne? Hmm all kinds of fresh juice but also I really just love water.
  5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Not at all in love with Facebook but never used Twitter so…
  6. My passion? I’m feeling pretty passionate about life and everything in it. Is that not specific enough?
  7. Prefer getting or giving presents? Definitely giving! I do love getting presents as well but I tend to get a little performance anxiety when unwrapping.
  8. Favorite pattern? This is a very weird question but okay. I’m amazed by the pattern of nature – the structure of tree bark, a leaf, our skin. The divine imprint.
  9. Favorite day of the week? Adventure day!
  10. Favorite flower? Calla Lily and Trumpet Lily but also Sunflower and Rose – and everything special and colorful really.


And so, I hereby nominate the following blogs to receive loving sunshine to brighten up their hearts and their day:

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Peace the consciousness, the transitoriness, your existence.

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These blogs bring inspiration, laughter, comfort and adds more details to my perspective on this life – in oh so many and different ways. Go visit them at once and see for yourself what magnificence is out there.

Thank you, all of you – and congratulations!!!



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I just wanted to end the day with a smile, a chuckle and possibly even a snort.