Day: April 3, 2012

An Utterly Unbearable Realization

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I just realized something horrible. Absolutely awful. Here it comes.

I missed out on Ben&Jerry’s Free Ice Cream Day!!

Noooo how could this happen?!

I like ice cream. I LooOvE ice cream plus I’m actually feeling really snack’ish. Okay I pretty much always have room for anything delicious but seriously, ice cream!

I have had an awesome day – just imagine if ice cream had been included, the amount of happy satisfaction would have been over the top. FREE ice cream even. Oh, the blows we receive in life.

This is pooping me out a bit.. And I was so excited about my sprouts. Sprouts?! I would sacrifice my sprouts for ice cream any day (sorry, sprouts).

Well, at least now I have my priorities for tomorrow figured out; I’m getting ice cream!

Oh I just realized something else – they actually didn’t do it around here. I guess that should make me feel better but somehow it just doesn’t.

Still getting ice cream tomorrow!

Spring Sprouting

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When I returned from my Indian adventure a few weeks back, my roommate had started sprouting. Chick peas, lentils, beans – you name it, she had sprouted it.

I decided to give it a try as well and it is awesome. This is like superfood healthy snack stuff – and it is actually really easy.

Another bonus is that watching anything grow is such a life affirming thing – and what better than spending spring growing stuff.



Dada da da da dada da da da da – yes, it is the food channel jingle.

Today we are sprouting red beans – and let me tell you, you are going to love them.

  • First you soak the beans in plenty of water for a day. Here it is a good rule of thumb to only sprout what you expect to eat in a few days. Better to sprout often than sprout large is what I say – or actually my roommate said that.
  • You now spread out the beans on a plate or something similar and put them somewhere conveniently out-of-the-way.
  • Every day you rinse the beans so they don’t dry out.
  • Within 2-3 days the beans will have sprouted and you can start using them for and in anything imaginable.