Month: June 2012

Saturday Night

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I will celebrate life

by dancing

I will celebrate love

by kissing

I will celebrate myself

by being happy


Turn Another Page

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what we think is the novel is really just a footnote…

A Lesson Learned

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there were signs of warning

chances to stop

turn around

choose a different path

none of them went unnoticed

all of them was negotiated

then justified

and disregarded

until all there was left

was a lesson learned

and an intention to do better

next time

Summer Rain

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.. it’s been raining all day

something is being washed away ..

Eternal Soul

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What I knew yesterday

might have been forgotten today


What I believed in last week

might have changed today


What I expressed last month

might be inaccurate today


What I fought for last year

might be irrelevant today


But the love in my heart

will forever be


Silent Being

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my mind is quiet

with only bubbles of disturbance

my heart is slowly swaying

to the rhythm of life


A Prayer

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It would be better if, instead of a thousand words,

there was only one, a word that brought Peace.

It would be better if, instead of a thousand poems,

there was only one, a poem that revealed true Beauty.

It would be better if, instead of a thousand songs,

there was only one, a song that spread Happiness.

                                                                             – Dhammapada