Reinventing The World

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believing in what others think impossible. doing what you think can’t be done. trusting in the greatest love ever. knowing it’s real. fighting for the ultimate happiness. sacrificing all certainty.

feeling safe in the unknown.

dedicating the rest of my life. taking that giant leap of faith. making struggle just another step on the way. embracing the unexpected. celebrating the challenges. making you smile.


laughing so hard my stomach hurts. dancing through it all on tired feet.

following every imaginable dream of my heart. having faith in life. having faith in you. worshipping our differences. making them shine.

building breathlessly beautiful bridges. inviting darkness to walk over. loving every twisted part of it. releasing it calmly.


singing loudly while letting tears run. never being afraid of breaking. of losing. or missing. creating hope in despair. swaying peacefully through the chaos. humming.

growing roots. growing wings. giving everything to everyone. always. setting love free. knowing it will never disappear.


reinventing the whole world. always believing. never regretting.


yes. i would do it.



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