Month: December 2012


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on my stomach

ear pressed


to stories

whispered by Earth

on my back

eyes wide open


illuminated beauty

breathing the Universe

On A Mission Of Light

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on a freezing December day

there was a mission

two agents of space and time

traveled across the wide waters

through clear frosty skies

carried by the full moon

twirling in the ray of good will

blowing fuses in the gaze of the Capricorn

continuing on with rosy cheeks

and a clearer vision

following adventure with the sun on our backs

Life Leaves Me Breathless

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“Do you know what you are?

You are a manuscript of a divine letter.

You are a mirror reflecting a noble face.

This universe is not outside of you.

Look inside yourself;

everything that you want,

you are already that.”


Garden In Progress

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                time tracing down a dirty cheek

    dripping from a scraped chin

                           puddles of decay following battle

                                                   stubbornly growing cribbled roses

                                                                          wounded by hyena behavior

                                                                                              licking their own salt crusted petals

                                                                and the gardener is smiling

                                                    as she walks away

Something To Remember

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“When another person makes you suffer, it is because he suffers deeply within himself, and his suffering is spilling over. He does not need punishment; he needs help.”

~Thich Naht Hanh

Full Circle – NOT the end of the World

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What an amazing day!

I’ve just returned home, sizzling with gratitude after spending the day celebrating life, honoring Earth and playing with the elements. A big group of people gathered with the same intention, a huge circle of candles and torches and inside it a fire and crystal mandalas. Sending out wishes for the year to come, fire dancing, meditating and channelled messages from entities that I very strongly feel but nevertheless can’t see. Reconnecting with people whom I’ve missed, reconnecting with a part of me I’d temporarily neglected. Freezing my butt off on a Scandinavian muddy field but boosting the fire in my heart.

These past few weeks has been an escalating process, concluding a year of growing insight and I’m left with a slight feeling of dizziness and a profound feeling of coming full circle. It’s not all going to be rainbows and butterflies but in this moment I’m peaceful and have nothing but acceptance of everything that is.

What a wonderful day in an amazing life – and it isn’t over yet.



Hairs Stuck In Teeth

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Life is hard and sometimes it feels unfair and people will inevitably suck (huge hairy monkey balls) on a regular basis. That’s just the way it is – but it’s not all it is.

It’s a chance to let the world be a mirror reflecting how you choose to live. A chance to adjust an assumption. To straighten out an insecurity or pull back a judgement. Or maybe just relax and admire what you see, in which case, good for you.

It’s a constant balance of navigating between other’s projections and your own blind spots, learning to decipher what your heart is telling you and accept that sometimes there’s no easy solution.

And it’s a wonderful mystery where everything you need is provided with perfect synchronicity and all you have to do is find the courage to accept it and be you.

Easy breezy monkey balls..


Sunday Blizzard Coziness

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I’ve been sleeping in today, after all it’s Sunday and I have the day off. In front of me is a whole day of coziness. Outside it’s a blizzard and whatever plans I had of walking to the ocean has been postponed. Instead I’m still in my pajamas, I have the radio on and listening to christmas music, sipping my coffee while looking out on the blowing snow.

On the table is a small stack of christmas cards. I haven’t sent out any cards in the past few years but this year I’ve been wanting to, especially after reading Jensine’s blog some days back. I’m only going to send to a few loved ones living far away, a small group of friends whom I wish I could spend time with on a more regular basis. Later today I have a Skype date with one of these good friends and I can’t wait to see her face and get updated on what’s going on in her life. How did we ever cope with only being able to communicate through letters in physical form? I still send postcards and I love getting them but that’s more a just for fun thing..

So that’s it for today. It’s hardly going to be an action packed day and I should be able to get a little reading done as well as getting ready for tomorrows last school day of the semester.

And then just letting my mind wander with the blizzard..


Track Of The Day

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I honestly can’t think of anything to say about this track that would do it justice. Or maybe I’m just too tired right now. But I can’t believe I’ve never heard it before until today.

I feel enriched.




For You

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whoever you are

whoever you are going to be

I thank you

for whatever you did

and however you did it

I’m grateful

wherever you are

whatever you are doing

I cherish you

whatever we had

and for whatever you gave me

I love you

now and always

I love you