Sunday Blizzard Coziness

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I’ve been sleeping in today, after all it’s Sunday and I have the day off. In front of me is a whole day of coziness. Outside it’s a blizzard and whatever plans I had of walking to the ocean has been postponed. Instead I’m still in my pajamas, I have the radio on and listening to christmas music, sipping my coffee while looking out on the blowing snow.

On the table is a small stack of christmas cards. I haven’t sent out any cards in the past few years but this year I’ve been wanting to, especially after reading Jensine’s blog some days back. I’m only going to send to a few loved ones living far away, a small group of friends whom I wish I could spend time with on a more regular basis. Later today I have a Skype date with one of these good friends and I can’t wait to see her face and get updated on what’s going on in her life. How did we ever cope with only being able to communicate through letters in physical form? I still send postcards and I love getting them but that’s more a just for fun thing..

So that’s it for today. It’s hardly going to be an action packed day and I should be able to get a little reading done as well as getting ready for tomorrows last school day of the semester.

And then just letting my mind wander with the blizzard..



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