Month: May 2013

Life – dressed as a tree

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I completely fell in love with this tree – how could I not…

When you have the itch – but not the time…

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At least you can travel back through your memories..




… and also, traveling shows can be an alright compromise..

I’ve recently discovered the show An Idiot Abroad and I’m equally amused and perplexed. Karl, the guy traveling around the world, is not exactly an adventurer and his attitude is less than enthusiastic. But he does have a lot of hilarious comments and this very simple kind of wisdom; the kind that could be confused with ignorance but really is not. Ricky Gervais is the surprisingly mean puppeteer who makes sure the reluctant traveler is confronted with the more challenging aspects of meeting other cultures and although I feel bad for Karl, it’s really entertaining.


Reading Art

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Jonathan Safran Foer – Tree of Codes



As you explore the layers of fragmented meaning…

This book is brilliant.

Fluttering Along…

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… the very blurred line between busy and stressed out. stumbling.. almost but not really… dancing out a buzzing adrenalin break and reconnecting with my focus.



no need to stress.. just enjoy the process of chaos.. and do a little dancing..


Something Borrowed

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Fifteen years ago I found a silver ring on the ground. It arrived in my life in a very stormy period and somehow it came to symbolize help and protection. For fifteen years it’s been sitting on my left thumb, becoming a natural part me, reminding me of a connection to something bigger – and as the years have gone by and my life have unfolded, reminding me of my own strength. That silver ring became my security blanket and has in many ways been my most important belonging. I’ve always felt that it was only mine to borrow. That I was lucky to find it and should be prepared to let it go again one day.

Fifteen years ago I found a silver ring – and last week I lost it again.


1st of May

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It’s the 1st of May – beer in the sun!

Okay, originally it’s supposed to be a blue-collar union support kinda thing and I guess for some people it still is – but for most people it’s a beer-in-the-sun-with-music-and-spring-atmosphere -kinda-thing.. and let’s be honest here, judging by the frequent whiffs I got, a whole lot of joints kinda thing.

No joints for me but definitely beer and sun-kissed happiness and good company and a feeling of summer and promise of beautiful days to come. Also a rather confusing conversation with a drunk guy about aliens working with the politicians… and something about love… I think we managed to reach the conclusion that we love. Period. We LOVE.


Happy Springtime!