Slightly brain dead but completely happy

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My week started with work, two hours of tennis and two hours of dancing on Monday. Now it’s Sunday, or actually a few minutes into Monday again, and the week gone by has left me slightly brain dead.

I ended up working 50 hours, biked close to 35 miles throughout the week, went swimming several times in the ocean, went out for brunch, walked and talked in the lovely sunshine, did a shitload of administrative organizing and planning, and I did a full day of First Aid training. I even did laundry and cooked. Well, I cooked once. That counts.

Right now I’m sick of people and I’m beyond exhausted but most of all, I’m happy.

For the next 11 hours I can breathe and sleep and water my flowers, and hopefully, here in my bubble of quiet, I can digest just a fragment of all the magic fluttering around inside me.

The coming week is going to be just as full – just with a little less work and more picnic. And my sister’s birthday ♥

This life… I love it.



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