Month: September 2013

Honest communication

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recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how we communicate. how we often say a just little less than what’s accurate or cover up the inconvenient. usually there’s all different kinds of double or triple communication going on, sometimes with completely opposing meanings. irreconcilable confusion. it makes me tired. it has become almost unbearable to carry on a conversation with someone who insist on the charade. it just seems pointless. maybe it’s too frightening to admit the internal circus sometimes going on or maybe it’s just a question of blind spots but seriously, have you ever had one of those ‘cut the crap’ kind of talks? and did that not feel good? it probably felt a little nerve wrecking when you were just about to plunge head first into honesty but afterwards, when everything was clear, no pretending and no confusion, didn’t it feel good? like exhaling your entire soul kind of good? I think that feeling is worth a little nerve wrecking.

once in a while you will meet someone whose words actually match what they express non-verbally. I love when that happens. it gives me hope and fills me with gratitude – and I’m pretty sure it actually makes my heart glow a little.

The world’s largest ship – holy sh**

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For the past week, the Majestic Maersk has been docked in Copenhagen and today, together with about a billion other people, we went out to see the wonder. For a while there, all I could think was ‘holy shit, that’s a big ass boat!’

A few selected facts about the ship:

  • At 400 metres long the Triple-E ships on order by Maersk Line are larger than any vessel of any kind currently on the water. Its capacity of 18,000 TEU is a significant increase on the current 15,500 TEU capacity of the Maersk E-class.
  • The height (above baseline) of Triple-E is 73 metres, slightly higher than Allure of the Seas (72 metres), which currently is considered the highest • Other principal measures of the Triple-E include:
  • – Beam (breadth): 59 metres
    – Draught: 14.5 metres
    – Deadweight: 165,000 metric tonnes
    – Reefer container capacity: 600
    – Top speed: 23 knots


Like I said, a big ass boat..

Already from a distance it was kind of mind-blowing to see the ship towering at the end of the dock and as we got closer, the size of it just seemed unreal.

photo 1

Maersk has made some pretty cool environmental improvements on this Triple-E vessel and although I’m far from a ship enthusiast, I can’t help but to be impressed with the innovative engineering. Well, that and the size – it’s freakin’ big!

photo 4

Those tiny cubes you can see stacked up there is actually twenty-foot containers – and it fits little more than 18,000 of those.

I wish we could have gone on board but the tickets had sold out in no time. Next time, right.

The weather in Copenhagen has been amazing lately and today was no different so a lovely walk by the ocean (trying not to notice the billions of people – can’t they find somewhere else to walk, really?) and visiting Maersk’s world record-breaking ship was quite alright.

Suddenly I feel like going on a freighter cruise…

Have a great weekend ♥

Midweek groove

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the groove is in my heart

and tonight I will dance it out

and leave an angel of sweat on the floor

Be soft

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“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.”
~ Kurt Vonnegut