Bring it

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bring the distorted sense of certainty

to this twisted entirety

bring the messiness

the confusing chaos

the emotional wretchedness

bring the blinding clarity

catalyzed by pain too great to contain

too inconvenient to sustain

but consistently

too loud to ignore

bring it all

I surrender

with gratitude greater than ever before

I love it all


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                                        surrounded by angels
                             but drowning in sadness
                            temporarily frozen in the memories of never
                                    listening to the whispers of darkness

At peace with what is

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                                          every movement is followed by an echo of sadness

                                                        so i move slowly

                                                                        carefully placing one foot

                                                                                                      one thought

                                                                                                                 in front of the other

Something Borrowed

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Fifteen years ago I found a silver ring on the ground. It arrived in my life in a very stormy period and somehow it came to symbolize help and protection. For fifteen years it’s been sitting on my left thumb, becoming a natural part me, reminding me of a connection to something bigger – and as the years have gone by and my life have unfolded, reminding me of my own strength. That silver ring became my security blanket and has in many ways been my most important belonging. I’ve always felt that it was only mine to borrow. That I was lucky to find it and should be prepared to let it go again one day.

Fifteen years ago I found a silver ring – and last week I lost it again.


Perfectly Imperfect

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And then there are days where I look at myself in the mirror and simply have to say; You big freak!


Delayed Processing

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sometimes on a happy day

a single bubble of buried resentment

rise to the surface

releasing an echo of beautiful words


by ignorant actions

until the only word left important

was freedom

sometimes on a happy day

I let go once again

and enjoy my freedom

Reintroducing Yourself

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Reintroducing Yourself


Several people in my life is right now challenged with getting to the bottom of who they really are. It’s a tough and scary process and I’m so proud of them for having the courage to accept the struggle and move forward with their eyes open.

They have my deepest respect, my support and all my love


Hairs Stuck In Teeth

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Life is hard and sometimes it feels unfair and people will inevitably suck (huge hairy monkey balls) on a regular basis. That’s just the way it is – but it’s not all it is.

It’s a chance to let the world be a mirror reflecting how you choose to live. A chance to adjust an assumption. To straighten out an insecurity or pull back a judgement. Or maybe just relax and admire what you see, in which case, good for you.

It’s a constant balance of navigating between other’s projections and your own blind spots, learning to decipher what your heart is telling you and accept that sometimes there’s no easy solution.

And it’s a wonderful mystery where everything you need is provided with perfect synchronicity and all you have to do is find the courage to accept it and be you.

Easy breezy monkey balls..



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challenging the limits

pushing back the horizon

standing on my toes

stretching patience

deepening my understanding

expanding the world

persistently creating more space

for living

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hurt but unharmed

embracing what you think

never breaking

accepting what you throw

never making it my own

bowing my head to what you believe

exhaling it free

grateful for every lesson

bruised but not broken