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such magic in movement

the way a body comes to life

in choreography

unknown only seconds before

transcending the mind

communicating directly with spirit

with Providence

gracefully creating a language of truth

swirling mysteries hidden in flesh

dancing a prayer

of wisdom embodied


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I didn’t take this picture, nor did I write the words, but looking at it simply makes me smile

– and it’s not the worst philosophy to live by.


Don’t hold back.


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on my stomach

ear pressed


to stories

whispered by Earth

on my back

eyes wide open


illuminated beauty

breathing the Universe

I Am

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[what? maybe it doesn’t matter. maybe there’s nothing to say. maybe i’m just empty of words. and thoughts. or too full.]


Silent Being

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my mind is quiet

with only bubbles of disturbance

my heart is slowly swaying

to the rhythm of life