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concluding the cycle at the same juncture
of sadness
with him
it always ends there

when not even the illusion
of hope
can be sustained
I finally disengage
but even with distance
the sadness remains

A Whole Life In A Second

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For a second I was turned around

and in my confusion started walking

in the direction I was just coming from

For a second I was re-evaluating the validity

of insights already received

For little more than a second I was considering

if conforming was really such a bad thing

if maybe I could fit in that box

if I just sacrificed myself a little

crushed myself smaller

lobotomized myself easier

then maybe I could fit

During that second my spirit started crying

the world became too loud

and I was reminded of everything that love shouldn’t be

It only took a second

to live through several versions of life

and to choose the one

where my spirit doesn’t cry


A Lesson Learned

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there were signs of warning

chances to stop

turn around

choose a different path

none of them went unnoticed

all of them was negotiated

then justified

and disregarded

until all there was left

was a lesson learned

and an intention to do better

next time