Flash Fiction – A Misunderstanding

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Flash Fiction Challenge # 2

Topic – A Misunderstanding

Word count – 214

Mood – Hecticity

Genre – Comedy


Another spasm hits his left leg and makes his butt jiggle in a very unmanly way. Awkwardly he moves around, trying to disguise it. ”What the HELL is that BUZZING?!” he yells at the old lady who is suspiciously eyeballing him. She grabs a little tighter at the leash of her crusty dog. If she doesn’t get there before they open the buffet, all the crab cakes will be gone.

A thin trail of drool travels from his mouth and down his chin. “Oh dear, I really must be going now. Thank you so much for your help” she says while discretely trying to edge around him. “WOW! Your pony is DIRTY!” he exclaims in amazement while blocking her escape. “Oh, but it’s just that the crab cakes…” “I recommend BUBBLE BATH!!” he proudly cuts her off. “You see, Mildred has become so greedy lately…” she tries again but he is now on his knees, giving the dog what appears to be a thorough examination.

“Oh sweet Jesus, I wonder how today went” she anxiously whispers to herself. Hitting a short moment of clarity he looks up at her and says “don’t worry about it; I gave him his medicine this morning. And thanks for leaving me an aspirin, that headache was KILLING me”.