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such magic in movement

the way a body comes to life

in choreography

unknown only seconds before

transcending the mind

communicating directly with spirit

with Providence

gracefully creating a language of truth

swirling mysteries hidden in flesh

dancing a prayer

of wisdom embodied


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be danced

Talk dirty, Granny

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Some tracks has a way of simply taking over your body; infusing it with the very essence of the song. Music embodied, mmmm..

For me, the track of the past weeks has made me get up from my otherwise very concentrated and serious sitting position of reading, writing, thinking. And dance. Dirty. Kind of…

I’m not sure what exactly it is that strikes a chord with this one but it doesn’t matter. When I hear the beat and that trumpet thing, my body wants to move.

Now, I could just insert the original music video but 1) you’ve maybe already seen it and 2) honestly, it’s a little boring. Just the usual booty bouncing, hot people, flashy and predictable. So instead I’m sharing the totally awesome Janet & Jean Official Granny Remix. Yup!


Okay, I changed my mind because it’s just really good (the track, not so much the video) and what if you haven’t already seen it, then I wouldn’t want to impose on you the hassle of going to YouTube to find it when I could just insert it here – and take a moment to do a little dancing myself.

Alright, back to work..

Puddles of Sweat

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Tuesday is kinda-painful-to-get-outta-bed-day and the reason for that is because Monday is groove-day. I honestly can’t think of a better way to start my week than to spend a few hours with a group of awesome people, dancing my heart out.

Yesterday the weather was hot and the dancing was dirty and I was literally forming puddles when we did the final relaxation.

One of the tracks though is not about dirty, it’s about having fun and blowing off steam – lots of it. There’s some choreography but mostly it’s freestyle air guitar. You heard right, air guitar!! Seriously, c’mon just try it – crank up the music, let the beat take over your body for a few minutes and let those endorphins intoxicate your spirit.

Only one rule, you’re not allowed to stand still!



Have a beautiful day ♥