A reality in progress

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Once it was only a whisper

persistently reminding me

of an essence I wasn’t ready to set free

once I was too sensitive to the weakness of others

willing to excuse their limited reality

making myself smaller

to not step on their toes

to not be unjust

to others than myself

but not anymore

Destroy the last fragments of acceptance to conform to structures suffocating the truth in my heart

turn my whisper into a powerful song and let this truth resonate through everything I do

cut away my eagerness to accommodate other people’s needs when they merely echo ignorant manipulation

enable me to recognize with all clarity the path I’m walking

and give me the courage to continue forward with open eyes

mobilize all my resources and let them ripple through this world

allow me my softness

nurture my love

remove what doesn’t serve me


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at any given moment

a multitude of thoughts are fluttering through the mind

a bright intention singing from the heart

translated into a thousand directions

always almost becoming

nearly in existence

butterflies ready to shift reality

into multitudes

Breathe and let go

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.. although sometimes that’s easier said than done..

A Whole Life In A Second

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For a second I was turned around

and in my confusion started walking

in the direction I was just coming from

For a second I was re-evaluating the validity

of insights already received

For little more than a second I was considering

if conforming was really such a bad thing

if maybe I could fit in that box

if I just sacrificed myself a little

crushed myself smaller

lobotomized myself easier

then maybe I could fit

During that second my spirit started crying

the world became too loud

and I was reminded of everything that love shouldn’t be

It only took a second

to live through several versions of life

and to choose the one

where my spirit doesn’t cry


Naked Necessity

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it can be scary

exploring new territory

displaying imperfect humanity

letting life unfold


embracing the unknown

it’s all so very

scary and necessary

A Bridge

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i didn’t fit the box you were trying to put me in – i needed to stretch and to grow

i didn’t have the patience to walk next to you – i needed to run and to dance

i didn’t have the will to change myself – i needed freedom

but i can be a friend

i can think of you with love

i can build my side of the bridge between our worlds

and maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle


Delayed Processing

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sometimes on a happy day

a single bubble of buried resentment

rise to the surface

releasing an echo of beautiful words


by ignorant actions

until the only word left important

was freedom

sometimes on a happy day

I let go once again

and enjoy my freedom