Ocean and sky – again

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IMG_2422 (2)

I never get tired of the ocean. Ocean and sky. Always changing, always such a perfect canvas for reflection. This day was dark and stormy – very dramatic, very beautiful.

Limestone quarry

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Today was Tuesday-mini-road trip-day, and I’d borrowed a car to go exploring with a friend. It wasn’t our plan (real adventures shouldn’t have too may plans anyway) but suddenly we stumbled upon a limestone quarry. Seriously, WOW! I tried taking pictures but they don’t even come close to capturing the light, the mesmerizing turquoise color of the lakes and how it emphasizes the white limestone. I felt like tiny sparks lit up inside my brain.

Well, since the pictures didn’t do the place justice, I thought I might as well give them a little twist…

limestone quarry


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An eternal source of daydreams, wonder and gratitude.


Sidhe sunset

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Weekend adventure in fairyland <3


Oak Alley

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Last week I visited Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana. The place has a fascinating story, as do many of the old plantation homes in the south, but it also has the most beautiful old oak trees I’ve ever seen.

Afterwards when looking through my pictures, it sort of bothered me that there was people in the shots, but then I remembered that my editing program allows me to retouch. So then I simply retouched the people out. Then the iron railings. And then I kind of went overboard with the colors and the lighting.  


In any version, this is a gorgeous place.

IMG_0838 (2)

I do love the altered ones, though..

IMG_0838 (3)

Storm warning

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I took this picture yesterday when walking on the beach. It was pretty windy already and the ocean was roaring.


Today it’s been getting stormier, on the news they’re advising people to stay inside and most public transportation is shutting down. For the next ten hours it will be getting worse.

I love it when the forces of nature unfolds. I know it can be devastating and that I need to remember that I’m currently residing in a fragile human body, but I wish I could be out there, right in the middle of it. But okay, instead I’ve made myself comfortable with plenty of candles, the warmth of a fireplace and Italian red wine. Not too bad, either.

I just hope no trees will fall on the house…

November 25

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Today, happiness is..

                                 .. nature walks and travel plans ❤

Autumn beauty preview

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Fall is starting to arrive and although there’s still plenty of green, the trees are slowly changing into their reds and yellows. It’s gorgeous.

I’ll probably share more pictures as the forest transforms but for now it’s just a little preview of the show.

fall colors

fall colors 2

fall colors 3