Cph Pride 2013

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Okay so I had every intention of sharing some amazing pictures from the Pride Parade this weekend. Last year I got some cool shots and I was hoping this year was going to be even more colorful and awesome. And it really was. Problem is that I got so wrapped up in the party and therefore slacked on the picture-taking. But what a party!

Last year was the biggest parade ever and this years parade actually topped that. The participants, the costumes, the weather, the music, the beer, the dancing, the happiness, the LoOovE…!

Well, I did take a few pictures – and actually also shot a short video from the middle of the parade but then realized that my VideoPress expired and I really shouldn’t spend 60 bucks right now on a renewal sooo…

From an hour’ish into the whole thing..


Just a tiny bit over exposed..


The official parade is over and the party has started.


… and then I forgot all about taking pictures… Until I suddenly found myself in possession of a glow-in-the-dark bracelet!!! I didn’t know these things still existed but apparently that’s just because I go to the wrong parties.

I know, this picture really could be anything – just take my word for it, it’s a magic bracelet :)


Pedestrian crossing decorations – those were all over the city and allowed the vibe to linger even after the party was over.



And that concludes my highly professional pictures from the best party of the summer. I apologize for the blog-and-run kind of post this has turned out to be – I need a clone..

Dance, laugh, hug someone, share your love – and have a beautiful day ♥

A rainbow Saturday – getting ready for part two :)

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Tomorrow is the day for the annual Pride Parade – it’s going to be amazing! Last year was so much fun and I have a feeling this year will be even better.

Around the world, the Russian anti-gay law has created quite a bit of disturbance and Denmark is no exception. This week there’s been demonstrations and other happenings. The subject of what’s considered accepted sexuality is obviously still an issue that causes heated debates and basic human rights is still something we need to fight for.

I remember last year being shocked when realizing that transgender was still considered an illness (and still today is, except in France and Argentina) and I’m equally shocked every time I hear someone express any kind of judgement towards gay people. Haven’t we evolved more than that?! Anyways, a lot of build-up emotions will probably find their release at tomorrows all-day all-night party. 

On a less serious note, the costumes and decorations in the parade are usually such a beautiful and fantastic experience. A huge effort has been put into all the preparations for this week. And the party before, during and after is awesome!! 

I’ll share some pictures here in a few days – once I re-surface. In the meantime, I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend!

– and if for some reason you should be in Copenhagen this weekend, come join the party ♥


A Rainbow Saturday

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This weekend I was off from work and some friends had convinced me to participate in the Copenhagen Pride parade. For various reasons, I’ve never watched the entire parade but I have joined the parties going on in the Pride week a few times. I’ve never considered walking in the parade myself, mostly because I’m not actually gay, but when my friends suggested it, it seemed like the obvious thing to do on a sunny Saturday.

We met at the starting point at 1pm – me arriving in a cab because I was late as usual and couldn’t be bothered with stressing in overheated busses on such a beautiful day. The place was buzzing. This years parade was apparently the biggest ever with more than 80 different groups, each with their own truck or bus, fabulously decorated and with music blasting, elaborate costumes and confetti canons.

For a while we walked around, trying to find the group my friends had decided to walk with – me with a beer, my camera and a huge smile. The atmosphere was amazing, everyone buzzing with anticipation, getting the final preparations done and admiring each others costumes.


The Rainbow Vikings

– I don’t know why but every time I saw them, my inner jukebox started playing Village People.

friends of friends

– the heat was crazy, how they survived is a mystery.

A hat, a giant mic, a feather boa and the right attitude; so simple and yet so effectual..

When the parade finally started moving I realized two things; when you are in the parade, you don’t get to watch everyone else in it. Bummer. And also, huge amounts of people standing on each side of the streets, watching and cheering, can be a tiny bit intimidating. Beer helps.


At the beginning of the parade

Thank God (!) I’d put on a thick layer of sunscreen and was wearing a well-aired-out dress because the day turned out to be one of the hottest days. Ever. Most of the time I couldn’t even wear my shades because too much heat was being accumulated, creating steam room conditions behind the glasses. Every time we turned a corner and got in the shade, the whole crowd was aah’ing.

I had imagined we would walk for an hour’ish, maybe a bit longer. It took 3 hours. Slowly we danced through the city, getting cold beers every time we passed a convenience store, laughing with relief every time a breeze hit us and just soaked up the happy vibes.

Again a realization swept through my blonde being; you really shouldn’t drink beer when you’re in a 3-hour parade with very little chance of a bathroom (shots would have been a much better option in a situation like this). My friends and I were joking that since I was wearing a long dress, would anyone even notice if I just released it little by little, casually dripping along. Every time they fired the confetti canon, everyone cheered and looked up, reaching for the glitter – not a soul would have noticed tiny puddles forming on the street following my dress.

Well, instead I clenched on and eventually was able to do a bathroom run, literally.


The cutest little angel

The people who’d showed up to watch and support the parade were awesome. Many of them were in costume, waving rainbow flags and partying as much as the people in the parade.

Especially these old geezers spread some love from their balcony


I’ve had socks like these – I should get new ones

Amazing atmosphere – like the whole city was celebrating together

When we reached the City Hall Square, the trucks were taken away, people freshened up their costumes and there was music and entertainment and speeches. We met up with more friends, made it a mission to actually get some water, made a semi-drunk phone call to my mom, I repressed the urge to drunk dial my ex and then we headed down to join a street party.


I completely fell in love with these two wonderful people

Fell in love with ms. military as well

The rest of the day and night was happiness and dancing and talking and meeting beautiful people and just having a ton of fun.

On a more serious note, during a long conversation with a good friend, where we among other things were dreaming of a day in the future where there will no longer exist a need for a parade like this. When homosexuality will be considered just as normal as heterosexuality and everyone will be able to be who they are without fear. Well, during that conversation I learned that transsexualism is still categorized as a mental decease by WHO. I couldn’t believe it and so the next day I checked the latest version of the ICD-10 list – and there it is, labeled a disorder. It’s scary that in some areas, we (the world) are still so narrow-minded.

But on that Saturday, all minds and hearts were as open as ever before and we had a great party. And more beers.

When I got out of bed next morning, pieces of shiny confetti was still drizzling from God knows where..



Perplexed Pondering

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So yesterday I was at this party. Cool people, lots of dancing and lots and lots of Skinny Bitches. Great party – slightly hung over today.

Anyway, so at some point I’m talking with this group of people, the subject being politics. They are discussing the different parties and especially one guy is very opinionated about who he supports and what he thinks about the opponents. Now, I do keep up with the major stuff and I always make sure to vote but I’m honestly not that into politics. I’m very much into what’s going on in the world and I’m equally into trying to make it better but to think that politics as a system will make anything better doesn’t make much sense to me. In my opinion it is an antiquated pseudo crutch and I look forward to the day where we are able to guide ourselves from a higher consciousness rather than be guided by a cacophony of hidden motives. Maybe it is important here to point out that I do believe plenty of people enter politics with the best of intentions – but I also believe that once in there, the individual is swallowed up and will end up playing the same game as everyone else. It is simple sociological system theory. Whatever, this will all be in my manifesto – moving on.

So, just when I decide that I’ve had enough of intellectual fun, someone asks me my opinion and I laugh and answer without really thinking about it “oh sorry I guess I’m kind of an anarchist – I really don’t believe in politics“. This is where it gets weird.

The very opinionated guy elegantly slides one step to the left and is now right next to me; “you know what, that is exactly how I feel as well.”

Me; “really?

Guy; “definitely. You see, I have this *a long speech about a very important job in the media* and so obviously I have to stay objective but deep down… *something about something*.”

Me; “obviously.”

I really don’t get the concept of changing his opinion so drastically. How are you supposed to know which opinion is the truth? Does he know which one? Is there even one or is he a walking cloud of lingering opinions ready to manifest into a perfect fit for every situation? Does it spring from insecurity? From opportunism. Is it pathological? Confusing and ridiculous is what it is.

This guy was actually really nice and didn’t seem deceitful at all – plus I’m pretty sure he was gay so no sex motives either.

So there must be some other reason.. Is it simply a question of making a connection and less important if it is made by pretending?

I mean, sure we all change how we feel about things as we expand our horizon but there must be some kind of chore that only changes gradually..? How do we (and by we I mean people who do this) ever expect to be taken seriously if we (they) can’t even be somewhat consistent?

Will anyone admit to doing this – and for other reasons than just trying to impress and/or get laid…?

Let me know if any of you know the secret to this weird phenomenon – it is too complex for me on this hung over Saturday.