The space between us

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– I took the picture earlier today, it’s from Opal Beach on Santa Rosa Island, Florida, where I’m currently loving life. Tomorrow it’s back to the wonderful city, New Orleans :)

Breathe and let go

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.. although sometimes that’s easier said than done..

Storm warning

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I took this picture yesterday when walking on the beach. It was pretty windy already and the ocean was roaring.


Today it’s been getting stormier, on the news they’re advising people to stay inside and most public transportation is shutting down. For the next ten hours it will be getting worse.

I love it when the forces of nature unfolds. I know it can be devastating and that I need to remember that I’m currently residing in a fragile human body, but I wish I could be out there, right in the middle of it. But okay, instead I’ve made myself comfortable with plenty of candles, the warmth of a fireplace and Italian red wine. Not too bad, either.

I just hope no trees will fall on the house…