A slice of Heaven – spa retreat in Sweden

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I believe it’s important to prioritize your wellbeing. Whatever you need to breathe a little deeper, you should do that.

For me, taking time off but then staying at home doesn’t do the trick at all. I’ll go around in circles, not really getting properly rested and not really accomplishing anything worth mentioning, either. It’s very unsatisfying and within three hours I’m deeply depressed. Going away on the other hand, now that works! Whether it’s a borrowed house, camping or a nice hotel is not really important, as long as I’m away from my everyday settings.

A few days ago I finally did something I really should have done ages ago; spa retreat. My mom and I went to the wonderful Varberg Spa for two days of relaxing – it was a sort of trial run, just to see if this might be something worth doing more often. Turns out, it really is!


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The staff were professional and very helpful, the treatments were incredible, the food was delicious and the surroundings were just beautiful.

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Wearing a big fluffy bathrobe and being pampered all day and then fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves is definitely something I could get used to. I can’t wait to go on a spa retreat again.

There is just one potential (financial) danger one should be aware of; the seemingly innocent phrase “just put it on the room” is a slippery slope. Just saying..


Returning home, I brought with me an arsenal of new soaps and lotions, creating a spa kind of feeling in my apartment.

If nothing else, I now smell absolutely amazing.


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