A rainbow Saturday – getting ready for part two :)

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Tomorrow is the day for the annual Pride Parade – it’s going to be amazing! Last year was so much fun and I have a feeling this year will be even better.

Around the world, the Russian anti-gay law has created quite a bit of disturbance and Denmark is no exception. This week there’s been demonstrations and other happenings. The subject of what’s considered accepted sexuality is obviously still an issue that causes heated debates and basic human rights is still something we need to fight for.

I remember last year being shocked when realizing that transgender was still considered an illness (and still today is, except in France and Argentina) and I’m equally shocked every time I hear someone express any kind of judgement towards gay people. Haven’t we evolved more than that?! Anyways, a lot of build-up emotions will probably find their release at tomorrows all-day all-night party. 

On a less serious note, the costumes and decorations in the parade are usually such a beautiful and fantastic experience. A huge effort has been put into all the preparations for this week. And the party before, during and after is awesome!! 

I’ll share some pictures here in a few days – once I re-surface. In the meantime, I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend!

– and if for some reason you should be in Copenhagen this weekend, come join the party ♥