Ode On Myself

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The usual ego blabber aside (no one likes ego blabber, except maybe, and that’s a big maybe, the person blabbering and even then, a moment of clarity will provide the blabber hangover at a later and more enlightened time). That was a really long parentheses, I should start over.

As I was saying, the usual ego blabber aside, I really think we should be better at acknowledging our own qualities. Most people I come into contact with, have huge talent in pointing out what they are not good at, shamelessly undermining their own value. Honestly, it is such a turn off. Unless it is true, in which case, it is good that they are aware themselves. Knowing yourself is hot.

Last night I watched the movie Julie&Julia. I liked it, it had a nice little story but that is not really important in this context. What I’m getting at is that the main character is starting a blog and at some point the statement is made that blogging is all about you. Or something like that. The underlying judgement of that remark being pointed towards the self-worshipping as well as self-therapeutic aspects of blogging but that is not really important in this context, either. Just keep it in mind.

Today when I got off work (I worked an exhausting 2½ hours out of which I spent one hour sitting in the sun with a cup of tangerine tea, scribbling down thoughts too big to stay in my head. Life is hard.). Anyway, when I finally got off work, I decided to walk along the ocean in the beautiful weather and while walking there, thoughts of all sorts appeared and disappeared again. It is kind of fascinating how that works; we get a thought, which then leads us to another one, which then again takes us in a completely different direction and within just one minute the mental ground covered can be quite impressive. So I was walking, watching my thoughts as they drifted by and suddenly found myself in deep philosophical contemplation, the subject, very appropriately, being myself and my qualities.

You see, I’m really good at walking. I have a great walk. On more than one occasion it has been pointed out to me by others that my walk is pretty awesome and I’m very satisfied with it myself. Not only are my legs able to move in a well-balanced 1-2-1 choreography, they actually manage to hold the rest of my body up while doing so. Off course, I have had many years to practice and perfect my walk but I honestly believe that there must have been some innate talent bursting through all on its own. Some things you just can’t force. Also, I really love walking. I can walk for hours. I’m not sure what came first; maybe I loved walking and that naturally helped develop what today is recognized as a spectacular talent. Or maybe I realized just how amazing my walk is and then came to love it that much more than before my realisation. Who can tell, really?

The whole thing, being conscious of the importance of acknowledging your own talent, once again being reminded of my walking skills, put together with the remark about blogging being all about you – how could I not post this?

Sure, I have other skills but there will be other posts as well so starting with the basics and then we will go from there.

I guess all I really wanted to point out is that we all have talents and instead of showing off our own misunderstood humility, we should be proud of whatever we have to be proud of. Unless there is nothing to be proud of, then maybe we should just keep quiet.