Cph Pride 2013

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Okay so I had every intention of sharing some amazing pictures from the Pride Parade this weekend. Last year I got some cool shots and I was hoping this year was going to be even more colorful and awesome. And it really was. Problem is that I got so wrapped up in the party and therefore slacked on the picture-taking. But what a party!

Last year was the biggest parade ever and this years parade actually topped that. The participants, the costumes, the weather, the music, the beer, the dancing, the happiness, the LoOovE…!

Well, I did take a few pictures – and actually also shot a short video from the middle of the parade but then realized that my VideoPress expired and I really shouldn’t spend 60 bucks right now on a renewal sooo…

From an hour’ish into the whole thing..


Just a tiny bit over exposed..


The official parade is over and the party has started.


… and then I forgot all about taking pictures… Until I suddenly found myself in possession of a glow-in-the-dark bracelet!!! I didn’t know these things still existed but apparently that’s just because I go to the wrong parties.

I know, this picture really could be anything – just take my word for it, it’s a magic bracelet :)


Pedestrian crossing decorations – those were all over the city and allowed the vibe to linger even after the party was over.



And that concludes my highly professional pictures from the best party of the summer. I apologize for the blog-and-run kind of post this has turned out to be – I need a clone..

Dance, laugh, hug someone, share your love – and have a beautiful day ♥

Puppy LooOve

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The newest addition to my summer happiness.

Innocent wisdom…



Lounging in the blooming Thyme.