Sunday Blizzard Coziness

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I’ve been sleeping in today, after all it’s Sunday and I have the day off. In front of me is a whole day of coziness. Outside it’s a blizzard and whatever plans I had of walking to the ocean has been postponed. Instead I’m still in my pajamas, I have the radio on and listening to christmas music, sipping my coffee while looking out on the blowing snow.

On the table is a small stack of christmas cards. I haven’t sent out any cards in the past few years but this year I’ve been wanting to, especially after reading Jensine’s blog some days back. I’m only going to send to a few loved ones living far away, a small group of friends whom I wish I could spend time with on a more regular basis. Later today I have a Skype date with one of these good friends and I can’t wait to see her face and get updated on what’s going on in her life. How did we ever cope with only being able to communicate through letters in physical form? I still send postcards and I love getting them but that’s more a just for fun thing..

So that’s it for today. It’s hardly going to be an action packed day and I should be able to get a little reading done as well as getting ready for tomorrows last school day of the semester.

And then just letting my mind wander with the blizzard..


A Sunday Haiku Showdown

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First of all, allow me to present the participants:






It all started with…


“from the love I have

through the pain I will embrace

to the life I want”


And then continued with…



i love this poem

it is so very clever

please write another


my body was weak

replying was put on hold

i had to get food


i understand you

we all need some nourishment

it was worth the wait


happily admit

this poetry geekery

is making me laugh


it makes me laugh too

poetry can be such fun

and good for the soul


who would have known that

until experiencing

expression in short


i think we should try

to post this conversation

on both of our blogs


i say let’s do it

post this haiku nerdery

i just wonder how


i find it a thrill

to squeeze my words so tightly

into such a form


i really agree

maybe the future will be

one-word poetry


i like that idea

let me have a go at it

here is my word – poem


truely love your word

for me another one though

‘love’ my word will be


your word is so sweet

and i find myself thinking

our words are the same


maybe all words are

same reflection of a truth

we find in all hearts


i think you are right

and very clever, that is

when shall we publish?


let’s do it right now

we’ll each make a version and

publish when ready


i was just about

to say exactly the same

what shall we call it?


hmm i’m not sure yet

maybe Haiku Geekery

or what do you think?


i have to cook now

but i am coming right back

what fun this has been


go eat without stress

i’m just working out the form

playing with design


I’m ready to post

A Sunday Haiku Showdown

you like the title?


i like it a lot

a sunday haiku showdown

ready when you are


okay let’s go then

put this boat in the ocean

*that was really lame*


I’ve never done a Haiku before and then suddenly one was there, coming from I don’t know where. But seriously, how awesome is Haiku?!

I just had so much fun :D


And do go and check out Kyle’s amazing version of our WP synergy on – you will not be disapointed.

Btw here is the original version (or just scroll down) – somehow the conversation order tweaked a bit, though.. Ah well..