Astrology forecast with Kaypacha

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Just thought I’d share some astrology insight with you, or more accurately, let Kaypacha share it. I simply love this guy and his forecasts! Not only do I enjoy the more technical side to it, but I love his interpretations and presentation style, the way he makes it all come to life. Although this is great entertainment, it’s also so much more, and if you should feel the need to explore your current situation a little more thoroughly, or maybe just need a new perspective, I strongly encourage you to watch this forecast.


So yes, it’s still all about change, about our values, about letting go and having faith – and about breaking free from desires and past programs. Let’s do it.

Namaste – Aloha – So Much Love ♥


Limitless graffiti

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If you haven’t already watched this awesome video, do take a few minutes to enjoy the unfolding creativity of this collaboration between Selina Miles and Sofles.

Seriously, I wanna live in that warehouse…

Fluttering Along…

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… the very blurred line between busy and stressed out. stumbling.. almost but not really… dancing out a buzzing adrenalin break and reconnecting with my focus.



no need to stress.. just enjoy the process of chaos.. and do a little dancing..


Life Is Awesome – Remember To Celebrate It

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Turn up the music, let your happiness fly free and have an awesome day ♥




Track Of The Day

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I honestly can’t think of anything to say about this track that would do it justice. Or maybe I’m just too tired right now. But I can’t believe I’ve never heard it before until today.

I feel enriched.




Something Beautiful

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A beautiful friend of mine shared this beautiful song with we some time ago

I immediately fell in love with it.


Music is magical

a flying carpet of dreams

worlds full of beauty